A day without work


For a month, my life is always revolved with my online-work, it’s all about chatting with customer via facebook message, via mail, managing everything via Google Drive. Not only I have to deal with customer about Price/discuss with them about the product but also managing every part of the business i am intonow.

I admit I feel tired, stressful and very boring but I also like this work because everytime I saw customers’ comments of how they are very satisfied with my service, it’s good. However, within the time of processing with their orders, it’s a whole nightmare due to the fact that I have to manage everything the same time. The more the due date comes, the more stressful I feel.

What the hell.

And after my hard days, i got 2-day-off time though it’s not a real off-day but better have than never -_- I stayed away from my network with my customer, i turned off my wifi system, I turned off my phone’s wifi icon and leave everything which is involved with my work outside my life.

Yes, it’s good again.

but after returning to work, i do not like it one bit. Damn.


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