[day 115th]: NIJI – AQUA TIMEZ  

Niji means Rainbow in Japanese.

Rainbow appearing after the rain.

Rain means sadness then Rainbow means sadness will go away and the bright light will come.

The 1st time I heard this song is when I was in my high school time, this song was broadcasted in MUSIC STATION on ANIMAX channel, maybe because that time I was still young and have no idea about what it was trying to convey, did not  have the internet also.

After graduating from Highschool and got into some University, I had more time and the Internet to search for Japanese music that I like and meeting some friends that I could share anything to them,  in a depressing time, I heard this song again and finding the English translation of this song, I cried.

Daijoubu dayo miagereba mou
Daijoubu hora nanairo no hashi
Yatto onaji sora no shita de waraeru ne

I cried like a child.

I wish I could have someone telling me that.

I wish I could hear that from someone dear to me.

In the end, me right now, I thought I am from back then was so silly.

I have a family loving me more than everything, they are the one holding me and soothing me when I had trouble with my world.

However, after a long time no listening to this song, this song still have the same effect to me, it makes me think stronger and keep calm to face my own problems.


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