My bento box for night shift

I used the Japanese word Bento box because I do not know how to express the takeaway homemade rice for my night shift working in hotel. Just wanna share with you who want to save expense and delight your day with unexpected taste.

I am not good at describe how to cut things so If you can advise me, thanks a lot :”)

My bento box includes fried Chinese Sausage, stir-fried Vietnamese Pork roll, steamed brown rice with some crushed seaweed


  • Vietnamese Pork roll – 150gr – cut in thin and long slices as in the picture
  • Chinese sausage – 100 gr sausage – cut in small piece
  • Brown rice (soaked in water overnight) or steamed normal rice if you want 🙂
  • Thin slice of dried seaweed
  • Half tea-spoon of Tamari sauce (soy sauce)

How to cook: 

  • Use a small pan to fry the Chinese sausage until they have a good smell and the skin turns yellow (don’t over burn them because it is very easy to get burned).
  • Add the Vietnamese Pork roll in the same pan and stir it a little bit, then add half tea spoon of Tamari sauce. When the Vietnamese Pork-roll turns brown (by the color of the sauce), you can turn off the heat.
  • Put in the box next to the prepared brown rice.
  • The thin slice of seaweed, heat them on the stove for 1 minute then crush it into small piece and put on top of the rice.

P/S: Recently, I ate a lot so this is a small portion of the bento for my night shift. You can change the quantity of the ingredients as much as you want :). Regarding the Brown rice, my uncle cooked it, he follows the Japanese healthy eating. As his instruction, he soaked the brown rice with dry seaweed overnight (the scale is 1 cup of brown rice – 1.5 cup of water) so the rice can absorb the water and gets bigger. The next day, he will put them into the pot and cook in  45 minutes.


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