[Review]Namiya zakkaten no kiseki – The miracle of the Namiya general store (2017)

I can say that whenever I feel disappointed or hopeless, I can find an inspiration and “never-give-up” movie to watch. This Japanese eye-tearing movie is one of them.


Namiya zakkaten no kiseki is based on the fantastical novel of Keigo Higashino, the plot is about the circle of helping each other and time-leapt during the movie. It might be difficult to catch up with the slowly going content, many stories are overlap due to the purpose of writer, at the end, every details are linked together. Every single character mentioned in the movie did have some effects on each other’s life. From the owner of the Namiya store to the people who wrote letters and sent to him in the favor of asking for his advises. In this modern day, how many people will take their time to read your problems and spend their time to give you advises? Unless you are close or you are an important person. This owner spent his time to help strangers from the bottom of his generous heart. He cared about them, he cared about how his words can change others’ lives. Even at the last minutes of his life, he still replied back to the hopeless and aimless boys, to give them a power to live, a power to trust in people and a power to give. It is a karma. Everything you do will affect someone in a bad or a good way. Life goes on. I cry a lot when watching Japanese movie because they convey all the meaningful messages. For example of this sentence in his last reply:

“I think the meaning of this blank paper is the content of your heart? The you of now can’t see the path you are walking, but do not desperate, so please do not give up,. Your future is still a blank page. Because it is a blank page, so you can draw your own future. You will decide everything yourself. And whatever you do, your ability is unlimited. Please do not regret and live your life to the fullest. I will always pray for you from the bottom of my heart.” 



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