The 2nd tattoo


This sentence “Ichi go Ichi e – 一期一会” has been lingering on my mind since last year. I was thinking of doing it but after so many considerations and reluctance, I decided to do it on the first day of New Year.


The meaning of the sentence is regarding the one time, one meeting. Everything is only once. Even your relationship, nothing is gonna stay the same. That is why we should cherish every single moment. I love it too much. I got inspired from my friends as well that I have been thinking about it. And the flower is Higanbana, English name is “The red spider lily”. It represents the death and the reincarnation as reference from all kinds of sources I can find on the internet. I wanted both of them together, hence, this tattoo is created. After making the miserable boy running back and forth for my idea, I finally got it. 🙂


I hope I can always remind myself by this pricey self-harm.



2 years passed as my eyes blink. I finished the higher degree with a proper certification. To achieve this, the enormous support from my fam, my friends are valuable. 2 years of struggle from language to finding a related job, I cried a lot and I laughed a lot as well. Many years after, I will still remember this.

[M] o v i n g O u t

I am moving out of my aunty’s house after nearly 2 years staying with her and her family. I was so eager to depart with all the preparation and organized stuff. From the moment she asked me to move, I was looking for everywhere with both depression and eagerness. My standard for a room shifted from renting a house with 4 people for 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom to 2 people sharing a room with an ensuite bathroom. Finally I found one by luck, sharing with a friend who is my colleague and we study in the same school as well.

Tonight, 10072017 is the first night I am officially out of my family’s reach, officially living without them.

Tonight I feel sad and alone.

Tonight I want to cry but I can not let my mother know.

A museum in the park near where I am living.