My sweet guilt


You are my guilt.





2 years passed as my eyes blink. I finished the higher degree with a proper certification. To achieve this, the enormous support from my fam, my friends are valuable. 2 years of struggle from language to finding a related job, I cried a lot and I laughed a lot as well. Many years after, I will still remember this.

[M] o v i n g O u t

I am moving out of my aunty’s house after nearly 2 years staying with her and her family. I was so eager to depart with all the preparation and organized stuff. From the moment she asked me to move, I was looking for everywhere with both depression and eagerness. My standard for a room shifted from renting a house with 4 people for 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom to 2 people sharing a room with an ensuite bathroom. Finally I found one by luck, sharing with a friend who is my colleague and we study in the same school as well.

Tonight, 10072017 is the first night I am officially out of my family’s reach, officially living without them.

Tonight I feel sad and alone.

Tonight I want to cry but I can not let my mother know.

A museum in the park near where I am living. 

save the moment

Just happen to take this picture this afternoon by my phone when I was walking along the harbour with my friends.

My first hotel job started from here last October. I am thankful for meeting the awesome people I worked with. Thanks for being a part of my learning journey and my life journey as well.

I am wishing you guys the best on your new journey.

Hyatt Pix in May 2017